Rob White

Position: Founder
Categories: Speakers

Rob White has been married for 25 years to a wonderful woman named Wanda.  He is father to two children, the oldest, having three children of his own.

Rob grew up in a Christian home and was raised by Christian parents. His relationship with God grew as he matured and faced challenges that life brings each of us.  Throughout early adulthood and into his late-30’s Rob desperately sought to find God’s will for his life.

At about age 40, Rob realized that God had called him to be a businessman, and that business was the platform/path that God had given Rob to serve Him.  Rob began to realize that God called him to serve Christ through the way he conducted business.  This realization led Rob to purchase the license to start his first business called Rainbow International Restoration in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia.

God blessed the Rainbow International business and guided Rob and his family through many trials along the way.  When the business had grown to $2 Million in sales with 25 employees, God led Rob and Wanda to Waco, Texas where Rob would become President of Rainbow International worldwide, a franchising company with over 300 locations worldwide.

After four years of business and spiritual growth in Waco, Texas, God led Rob and his wife Wanda, back home to Richmond, Virginia, and to purchase a multimillion-dollar business in central Virginia called, FASTSIGNS. The purchase of this 28-employee FASTSIGNS business was just completed in June of 2016, and Rob gives God the glory for providing him with this opportunity and new platform in which to run the race that Christ has marked out for him.

Rob will share his journey and how Doug Dwyer has mentored Rob to manage his business with GOD AS CEO.  Rob is still learning to be obedient and will hopefully relate to those who want to be obedient to God in their business or occupation but have not quite figured out how to do so.