Story of God as CEO

God as CEO is a faith-based non-profit ministry with a message of Love, Excellence & Truth for both employers and employees. The Ministry shows, through living examples, how to serve and honor God personally and professionally.

Our content is drawn from real work-life testimonies of businessmen & women, organizational success stories, and global best practices, grounded Biblically.

At God as CEO, we are called and challenged to live our personal and professional lives with Love, Excellence, and Truth to the glory of God, and in pursuance of the Great Commission and Command.

Doug Dwyer is President and Chief Stewarding Officer of Be Faithful Ghana LBG dba God as CEO, located in Accra, Ghana, West Africa, which is wholly owned by Be Faithful Ghana, LLC dba God as CEO, based in Waco, TX, United States.

Mr. Dwyer purchased a national franchise company back in 2003, and he wanted to acknowledge God as the one who was truly in charge of the business and to protect himself against pride. So, he committed to God to never name himself CEO of the company but rather look to “GOD as CEO.”

With God’s leading and Doug working to be obedient, God as CEO has grown and spread from Waco, Texas, where the God as CEO Headquarters is located, then into Accra, Ghana in 2014 and Abuja, Nigeria in 2019, both in West Africa. God as CEO has been presenting the God as CEO Message and in-person business training events since 2009.

Along this journey, Mr. Dwyer established a 501C3 non-profit named Be Faithful Inc. DBA God as CEO in 2016. God as CEO, we are called and challenged to live our lives with Love, Excellence, and Truth to the best of our ability.